the floor is open

Open Floor is a transformative movement method that opens the body, the space of feelings, sensations, thoughts, images, intuitions and prayers.  It creates a framework for movement, exploration and experience of one's own being on all levels. We let ourselves move through this space and can thereby satisfy our hunger for belonging, loneliness, connection and spirit.
We use the movement to soften the tense places in our sensitive hearts and expand our attachment. Old, repeating thoughts can be transformed into a choreography of creative dances.
To be present in our body means to come to our senses, to show oneself and to learn to stay with our experience, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, to feel our strength and our vulnerability.
In Open Floor we explore the essential movement language that we all speak on the dance floor: Breath, gravity, centring, expansion and narrowness: our common ground - our common base, our common floor.  Open floor movement practice is a living, sometimes sweaty expedition in dance: - How can we move and at the same time invite everything to the dance floor - our feelings, other people, thoughts, wild passion, our limitations? - How can we use movement to widen and relax the narrow spaces in our vulnerable hearts and expand our capacity for relationship? - What happens when we transform old repetitive thoughts into choerographies for creative dances? There is an essential movement language that we all speak when we bring these questions to the dance floor. We call universal elements that are present in every moving body. This is the common ground that all conscious movement practices share.
Common sense: - Our common sense
Since time immemorial, human beings have met to dance. And also today everywhere on our planet conscious kinds of movement develop, because they do us good. People who dance regularly are smarter, have greater emotional intelligence and a quieter presence. Connectedness, passion and communities thrive better. In these challenging times, our common sense tells us that we should spend time dancing.
Common Good - Our contribution to the common good
The positive effect cannot be avoided: A dance can change someone's day, a lovable behaviour can inspire a whole community. Dancing has a healthy effect on the body, soul and mind. Dancing connects all over the world. Everyone is important in the diversity and richness of being human Dancers leaving a dance session bring a more generous attitude and presence to the world. Open Floor Movement dedicates its work to the common good, the benefit for all living beings.
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