simplicitiy - dance and Meditation in Nature

When the silence spreads deep around us, let us hear that full sound of the world, that invisibly expands around us.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Back to Mother Nature: SIMPLICITY - Plainness, Ease, Modesty

During these three and a half days we lean back and listen to theSpring awakening. The constant change of nature connects you with the original rhythm and with your source. The silence holds room to listen, it gives you clarity and strength. In the mirror of nature we recognize our true rhythm and explore the innumerable creative possibilities that surround us, just waiting to dance, play with us,laughing and crying - and holding us.

Every new day we start with a meditation in silence and gentle movements. Through the day we will explore our inner and outer landscape through dance and movement, bedded into the sounds of nature and supported by live sounds and selected music.You get space for yourself as an individual as well as part of a growing community.

Doro is situated on a southern slope in the Leventina at 1550 m. a.s.l. No road or power line leads there. The walk from Chironico takes about 2 hours. There are train and bus connections. From Zürich 3h/ Bern and Basel 4h. The luggage can be transported with the material ropeway. Overnight stays are in a simple multi-bed room. Cooked with simple but delicious vegetarian dishes.


When: Thursday, April 23 (arrival from 5 pm) to Sunday, April 26, 2020 (4 pm)

Place: Centre for Encounter - DORO (

Prerequisite: Switch off your mobile phone and laptop for three and a half days.

Costs include accommodation and meals.

Super early booking (paid in by 31 December 2019) CHF 540.00

Early bird (paid in by 29 February 2020) CHF 590.00

Normal price CHF 640.