mylifedance uses the healing power of physical creativity and dives into the peculiarities of each individual life dance. It doesn't matter what and whether we bring dance experience with us - the curiosity that lives within us and the desire to discover one's own body are important - and thus on ourself.
Experiencing us physically opens doors to feelings,  experiences that are first triggered by the body and our senses and then integrated into our thinking. This opens the possibility to learn about ourselves from the wisdom of our body.
It is a journey to both poles at the same time: inwards to one's own core and outwards into communication and exchange with the world. On this journey we encounter the many layers within us. The diversity and the richness that is inherent in each of us.
Movement and dance let us experience the constant change of life. The waves of our emotions and the nuances of the different qualities and parts in us that change again and again.