Light as a feather and heavy as earth
Your high presence in connection with clear, simple spoken images, which enabled me to float as a feather, to float out of the window like a balloon and to become earth-heavy with wet sand. Enough time to immerse yourself in these conditions and explore them. Music which is not simply played until the piece is finished, but which accompanies and supports the offered pictures with a great variety of different qualities. Your vocal emotionality tells me that behind the mixing desk you are completely immersed in the pictures you have created. This builds a bridge for me to pick them out of your hand like ripe fruits and to incorporate them into my experience.


After a weekend with Anja Gysin I make friends again with my past, my future and the present - in me.

What sounds so wonderful, what sounds so beautiful....
so the whole weekend sounds with you, with the group, with me, bit by bit and bit by bit....
Yes, it works in me and around me. For a long time I didn't feel so alive anymore.
I think I feel new (or perhaps already there, but stalled) life energy flowing in me. Integration, yes, that's the right word.
Anja, I was incredibly relaxed on Monday and I felt heat waves flowing through my body, through my heart...
It was/is simply wonderful. What a power.
Thank you very much for your beautiful work.